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The Author


Mr. Mustapha Abbou was a teacher of  English as a foreign language for about 28 years, teaching secondary, post secondary and adult learners at all ability levels and skills.


He served as a contributing professional for he first worked as a senior teacher in Ould Kablia Secondary School where his head teacher and

colleagues still appreciate his high  qualities, and then as a mentor teacher in pre-service learning where teacher trainees benefited greatly from his experience and know-how.


As a highly qualified and experienced teacher, Mr. Mustapha Abbou provided Grammar , linguistics and Written Expression modules to students in the Department of English at Mostaganem University. He also created courses, in-service training, workshops and seminars to middle and secondary school teachers.


As an active and committed teacher, he was regularly invited by the Ministry of Education as a team member to reflect on a particular educational programme or project. He also worked with inspectors of English in the development of methods and materials as well as models of teacher training in order to overcome classroom difficulties and thus, contribute to the improvement of the teaching of English as a foreign language.


Mr. Mustapha Abbou’s areas of interests include teacher training, professional development, classroom practice, learner-centred approach as well as interactive and cooperative methodologies….. .


A Sample

Section1. Reading Comprehension


Read the following text carefully then do the activities.


Learning English


        English language learning is widely spread over different parts of the world . It is taught as a foreign language in many countries. In many others, it is considered as a part of their culture: It is used as a second language. They are called the Commonwealth or the English language speaking countries.



       The English language learners are often seen as the best judges of their own needs and wants because they know what they can and cannot do with it, and what language skills are more essential . Even large numbers of them  face  problems  and expensive access to the  necessary materials , they  prefer  to surf   through the Internet  or read books and special  magazines dealing with the subject .


       Throughout the years, the English language curriculum has been regularly updated and revised, based on the behaviour of the learners. For those who want to do further studies in English, there are two main specific tests in the language: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) ,  and TOESL

(Test of English as a Second Language) .They are elaborated to control and test the efficiency of the English language use and training, and recognition of the knowledge acquired before.


                                                                       Adapted from Forum magazine

                                                             July 2001



2.  How many negative statements are there in the passage? Write them.


2. Are the following statements True or False?


     a .The English language is used in the Commonwealth societies because it is their native language

  b . English language students can ask instructors about what it is necessary                for them in the learning process.

     c. TOEFL is a specific exam that tests the British learners English language knowledge

     d. TOESL is a special exam for those who study English as a foreign language.  


3. What or who do the underlined words refer to in the text?

a. It is taught as a foreign language (§1)

b. they can and cannot do (§2)

c. They are elaborated (§3)


4. Give another title to the text.


5. Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to the following.

     a.  main  ( § 2 )  -     b. entrance   ( § 2 )   -   students  ( § 3 ) .



Section2. Mastery of Language


      1.  Supply punctuation, capitals, and apostrophes where necessary.


do you like english he asked of course I do I answered


2.      Add more words to the to these lists of words:










   2 .  Cross the odd one out.










3.      Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

a.       I (study) English for six years now.

b.      We (not / have) a teacher of English when we ( be ) in the primary school.

c.       I (never / visit) Scotland before.

d.      He hasn’t read King Lear, (have ) he?


4.      Reorder the following words to get a coherent sentence.

international _  an – is – English – language.


5. Classify the following verbs according to the pronunciation of their final –ed.                









/ T /

/ D /

/ ID /









Section  3.  Written Expression.


                Choose one of the following topics.



 Topic 1.     Write a composition of about 70 lines on the following:

 Why do you think English is a useful language in the modern   world?


Topic 2.      Change the following paragraph into a dialogue.


                   Bill  Johnston and  Mustapha  Abbou  had been  teachers of English at  two different secondary schools for many years . Mustapha used to work in  Could  Kablia  Secondary school in Mostaganem , Algeria . Bill used to work in Anglia Square secondary school in Luton, England. They met one day in Heathrow Airport and discussed about teaching English in Algeria.

Bill asked Mustapha if English were taught as a second language in Algeria. Mustapha answered that the language was used as a foreign language. Bill wanted to know about the level of learners and capacities in acquiring English. Mustapha replied that they were able to listen to him and make sentences orally and in writing. Bill asked another question about the materials provided to practise the language. Mustapha said that the means were not sufficient but he has always tried to do his best with his pupils. Finally, Bill wanted to know if the salary were adequate. Mustapha replied that it had never been satisfying comparing to the hard work done during his long career. A moment later, they said goodbye to each others.  Mustapha flew back home.