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Mrs Seghirate Aicha is currently teaching English at a private school in Blida. She had been teaching English at a secondary school for 28 years before she retired in 2013. She also taught at the Intensive Centre of Languages at the University of Blida.

          In 2006, she took an active part in a linking Educational Programme between Algerian and American students E3link aiming at promoting education, the English language and the use of technology

         In 2008, she was selected for a professional development programme (ILEPInternational Leadership Education Program) for five months in the USA where she learnt a lot about the modern teaching methodologies.   In 2009, she supervised a seminar about classroom management for the secondary school teachers of Blida. She also contributed a seminar about assessment, and pre-service teacher trainings.

         Her areas of interest are classroom management and assessment.

Mrs Seghirate graduated from l’Ecole Supérieure d’Interprétariat as an interpreter and translator.


Approches and Strategies to Motivate Students to Learn ‏

All teachers expect their students to succeed at school and I personally think that students` success depends primarily on the teachers` commitment to involve all the students in the learning process and help create the students` readiness and ability to succeed.

        Therefore, teachers constitute the most important factor to ensure the students` success. In general, all teachers expect their students to succeed; however, not all of them endeavour to reach that objective. Teachers can affect students either positively or negatively.  That is why, in order to impact their students positively and ensure their success, teachers need to establish the conditions that will ensure they are effective and create an educational environment conducive to learning.

        Researchers state that to be effective, the teachers need to be knowledgeable not only in the subject they teach but also in the instructional approaches they implement in their classrooms. Besides, they should have certain attributes which allow them to motivate their students to learn; thus, the personality of the teacher can have a tremendous impact on students. Moreover, teachers can acquire and use a variety of professional skills which can deeply motivate students to learn.

        In addition, teachers need to implement a class management plan early in the school year in order to prevent or reduce behaviour problems. Besides, to be effective, teachers should have the ability to communicate effectively, to understand individual differences, and to adapt to diverse needs.                                                    

        Effective teachers are those who strive to motivate their students, so they reflect on their teaching to see what has helped ensure students learning and what hindered it, and try to resolve the problems encountered. Moreover, they provide an attractive, positive, and safe learning environment where students feel empowered, challenged and nurtured.

        “The most effective teachers combine subject knowledge with knowledge of teaching (that is, pedagogy) and knowledge of students.  Knowledge of the subject and of learners helps the teacher to be more aware of the misconceptions students are likely to have or develop about a subject. Knowledge of pedagogy and of learners allows the teacher to select and implement instructional approaches that can best address students’ misconceptions. Therefore, effective teachers are knowledgeable about their subject and how best to help the individual students in their classes come to understand it appropriately.”    Cruickshank, Jenkins & Metcalf (2006)

        Thanks to the 28 years teaching experience I have gained, and also thanks to the Professional Development Programme (ILEP: International Leadership Education Program- USA/ Georgia Southern University - Jan-May ‘08) that I benefited from, and the internship that I attended in Portal Middle/High school, I have learnt a lot about the new teaching methodologies and aproaches that I would like to share with my peers and students.

    Therefore, teachers can find in this book materials and strategies they can use to improve their professional skills and attributes, help them get to know their students and assess them effectively, and manage their classes appropriately. By implementing a relaxing and motivating educational environment, teachers can engage their students in the learning process and ensure they are successful.

        In addition, teachers can find useful articles about The Three Schools of Thought, Brainology, Multiple Intelligences in ESL Classroom as well as some Mini Lessons, Reflective Journals of some International Teachers (ILEP fellows) pondering Classroom Management and the American educational system, Physical Response activities, Teaching and Instructional Quotes, Riddles, Tongue Twisters, a Lexicon about the Terms used in this book and others…

         I hope that the materials and  ideas contained in this book will provide some support  for English teachers to help them manage their classes effectively and supply them with strategies and procedures to enable them be effective teachers and impact their students positively.

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 Mr. Zaidi Zaoui,
Congratulations Mrs. Seghirate. The book seems to be very interesting just like its title. I am waiting for the electronic version of the book.
Wish you more success. 
 Mrs. Bougheddou, Oran
 It's a real source of pride to have such a courageous and generous woman among us. Sharing your experience with all of us is to me a sign of untiring generosity and endless inspiration.
  Nacera Bouzerkri
  Congratulations dear friend on getting your book published. I'm pretty sure it will help a lot of educators. You are to praise and I hope we will be seeing more of you in the print media from now on!    


Madjid TIR, Bouira

Congratulation to our colleague for enriching the Algerian library with this surely invaluable book on a very relevant topic, the one of learners' motivation.

I am so eager to look for it in bookshops and read it, and I hope all our English language teachers will read it and derive profit from it as motivation is the key toward success.
Just one comment, however. It is absolutely true that teachers must know how to motivate their learners, but this can only be achieved if the teacher him / herself is highly motivated. 

Nevertheless, I am so moved to see what my country men and women are capable of producing. This is an irrefutable evidence that where there is self-confidence and will, there is a way.
I wish success and more achievements to the writer. May her work encourage more educators to follow her path of pedagogical publications

Best regards.

High school Supervisor, 


Nadia Hedad, Oran

I read attentively your article and I was expecting to read your book so as I can benefit from your long career and experience in order to achieve better results. I would be pleased to read it soon because it is always beneficial to learn from others' experiences.


Khalid Baghoussi, Mostaganem

"Creative writers are always greater than the causes they represent,"
E. M. Forster.
On behalf of  the entire community of educators, I would like to say
congratulations, and I look forward to reading your next book!!!

Mrs Seghirate Aicha:
Thank you Mr Louznadji, Ms Mezough and Mr Adbdelilah for your trust. In fact, what I'v done is only sharing some of the valuable and helpful ideas and materials I gained from my long experience as a teacher and as an Ileper. I hope that this modest contribution will help teachers be aware of the high responsibility and commitment we, educators, are entitled to have, and how great and essential our role is in providing our students with the best educational practices and conditions so as to enable them be successful. All in all, a million thanks Mr Louznadji and Ms Mezough for the availability of this outstanding Web site and for allowing us to share our experiences for the sake of education in Algeri.


Mezough Kheira:
Congratulations Mrs.Seghirate,
I can't wait to read the whole book.
Thanks for sharing.


In sincere appreciation of your valuable work, please accept my respect and congratulations. You have used your knowledge, experience and skills in writing to do something good. I know how long you worked on developing this book. You are a good example of how commitment, hard work and sharing pay off.
From this moment, another chapter in your life has begun. Please, do not step back- only forward!


True enough practitioners are held responsible for their students motivation.The latter is a core issue in any teaching/learning process.I'm fully convinced that the book will contribute to hone teachers and learners'performance.

Hat off to Mrs Acicha SEGHIRATE.